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Police Applicants

This workbook will fully prepare you for your Police assessment centre interview and final Police interview. Some forces have now introduced telephone interviews as part of the application process. This instantly downloadable workbook will really give you a head start.

Serving Officers and those applying for Police Staff Roles

Although designed for people preparing to join the police as an officer, this workbook is so relevant to all forms of police selection. This work book will be of huge benefit to officers preparing for promotion or lateral move interviews and for people seeking Police Staff roles. The principles and techniques are the same it is just the competencies and role profile that you will need to change.

Once payment is made the work book is delivered via email to you in PDF form (links within the work book will take you to my own You Tube tutorials and interviews) a word formatted exercise book is also included. The work book is split into two parts,

Part 1 Study

At the start of the work book you will complete a benchmark interview delivered via video. The study section will then explain to you the types of questions you will be asked, how you are scored, how to prepare your answers and yourself. There are exercises and video tutorials throughout this section to ensure you broaden your understanding of the interview process and to improve your interview performance.

Part 2 Practice

This section is divided into two levels, each level has a mock interview delivered via video link and a bank of written questions. Every one completes level 1 which consists of only competency based questions, which are the only type of questions you will be asked at the Assessment Centre.

You can then progress onto Level 2 questions that are relevant to the final interview and other police promotion / police staff interviews.

Even if you are just thinking of joining the police you should invest in this work book as this will give you plenty of time to study at your own pace. The techniques are also very adaptable to all forms of employment interviews so even if you decide the police is not for you, this easy to follow work book will give you the skills and confidence to perform better at any job interview.


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